Project Management

Add Atema to Your Project Team.

It can be more effective to use a professional outside resource to break a trend and lead the organization in a new direction than it is to use your own personnel.

Atema professionals can be added to your team or lead a team for a new project, a special change, or a difficult reorganization.

  • Fill the gap from the loss of an owner or key manager.
  • Help new management by substituting skills for a crucial project that aren’t yet developed.
  • Bring important customers back to a happy place if they aren’t satisfied with quality or efficiency.

Click this example below to understand our role in Project Management.


Project Management Assistance-Gold Mine Project


A typical project management engagement includes leadership or assistance in:

  • Creating project schedules.
  • Planning for materials.
  • Planning for equipment.
  • Personnel assignments.

Atema professionals have assisted clients with pricing and estimating practices that they were previously unfamiliar with. We have also created reorganization strategies for multiple project teams.