Fatal Scaffolding Collapse: Preventable Tragedy?   6/01

First Read this article:


Long story short (quoted from above article): "A subcontractor that employed two of three construction workers killed Monday when scaffolding collapsed at a downtown Raleigh high-rise had been cited for four serious workplace safety violations in the last 10 years, according to federal records."

In the article dated 3/25/2015, the author points out that the General Contractor (GC) Choate Construction had an excellent safety record with OSHA, they sub-contracted out the scaffold erection to Associated Scaffolding which also has an excellent safety compliance record. However according to OSHA, Juba Aluminum Products Co. Inc., has a spotty safety compliance record.

Although the final inspection results from this tragic event have not been published to date, the question that is most prominent is; why did two companies, with excellent safety records, knowingly associate themselves with a company with a spotty safety record?

Prequalification of subs, may not have prevented this event, but is certainly would have raised safety compliance concerns and possibly increased oversight by the GC and Sub-Contractors. When subcontractor data are available (e.g., Suruda et al. showed that 59% of workers who died from trench collapses were subcontractor employees)

Other articles dealing with not prequalifying subs:











Suruda A, Whitaker BT, Bloswitz D, Philips P, Sesek R. Impact of the OSHA Trench and Excavation Standard on fatal injury in the construction industry. J Occup Environ Med. 2002; 44: 902–905. [PubMed]


Atema is building a webpage dedicated to issues of safety and our new safety products. In the meantime, check out www.atema.com/safety or send us a message.

By: Tim Neubauer

OSHA Fall Prevention Stand Down   4/01

OSHA is preparing to launch the 2015 Fall Prevention Stand Down.

The Fall Prevention Stand Down is scheduled for May 4-15, 2015.  The purpose of the National Fall Prevention Stand-Down is to raise awareness of preventing fall hazards in construction.  Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction workers, accounting for 269 of the 775 construction fatalities recorded in 2012.  Those deaths were preventable.

OSHA invites you to share information and resources about this campaign to your network of organizations, employers, and workers by:
  • Promoting available resources on preventing falls in construction (https://www.osha.gov/StopFallsStandDown/index.html)
  • Media resources that include OTI Education Center Web pages, news releases, and public service announcements.
  • Using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
  • Conduct OSHA #3115 Fall Protection and OSHA #7405 Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry courses.

Atema Safety Director Trains US Army Garrisons   3/27

Atema's new safety director, Tim Neubauer, join the team this week. He was on site at NASCC, The Steel Conference at the Atema booth speaking with guests about Atema's new Safety Program Services. More about the safety program can be found at Atema.com/safety.

Tim was featured in an article on the US Army website that describes a national safety Council safety program being implemented at US Army garrison's in Europe.Tim instructed these courses from September 22 to October 8, 2014. Check out the article here.

New safety program comes a time when the American Institute of steel construction has recently released new Erector Certification Program Guidelines and Standards. Atema's safety program services go hand-in-hand with our certification services, and we anticipate it will enrich our clients safety and quality programs and help grow the breadth of Atema capabilities.

County Fabricators passes QMC Audit   3/13

A successful initial SBR AISC audit with zero corrective actions and one concern.

County Fabricators
was pleased with their results and look forward to continuous improvement opportunities from AISC Certification. 



CRSBG Honored by TBTA   2/26

Recently Atema Client China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group, located on the east coast of China was was honored by the New York City Bridge and Tunnels division for their work on the: 

VN 80B - UL Deck replacement at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

The honor is in appreciation of exceptional professional courtesy and cooperation to achieve project challenges, partner on solutions and mark achievements. 

Atema is honored to be affiliated with an exceptional steel fabricator and project team. 

Pictured second from the right is Terry Logan.

Atema Tool Store   2/24

Check out the new Atema Tool Store!

Now selling calibrated inspection and measuring equipment, 

all come certified. 


AE USA Visit October 2014   2/02

In early October Atema had the pleasure of visiting multiple structural steel erection sites across the great States of North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. To top it off, we were joined by our good friends, Acero Estrella from the Dominican Republic and hosted by one of the most sophisticated Steel Erectors in the country, Buckner Heavy Lift. 

The week started off at a site that was in the crane set up stage. The slab was being completed and tradesmen were expeditiously working full days taking advantage of the good weather before the inevitable cold snap and snow arrives. The second site was a data center addition where girders were being erected, welding was occurring on decking and the main connection type was tension control bolts.
Our group of eight, me and Mike Mauris and our six Dominican friends had the pleasure of the autumn colors and a pleasant drive across the state to a Veteran’s Hospital. This project was mostly completed, yet the group got exposure to fire proofing while   observing a nearly complete building. One interesting fact about this building is the requirement for slip critical connections in order for the steel to not “bang” during the summer months when expansion could cause distress to patients suffering from shell shock. Somebody was thinking ahead!

Our journey ended with a trip to Buckner Companies headquarters where we met with estimators, lift planners, maintenance personnel, project managers and the company’s patriarch, Eddie. Our final stop was a multi-story office building where the group was able to observe several multi-pick lifts, including a “Christmas tree” pick of five complex pieces, which were all fully installed in under 22 minutes. What an amazing crew!! 

Acero Estrella is the premier steel fabricator in the Dominican Republic along with an advanced steel erection group whose experience is evolving and enhancing by the day. Buckner Companies is a North Carolina based steel erector and crane rental company whose accolades would be too long to list. Needless to say, Acero Estrella and Atema learned immensely during that wonderful week in October and are in debt to the graciousness of Colby Arney, Mauricio Urena, Dennis Barker and Chip Pocock of Buckner Companies.

In order to properly thank Buckner Companies, we would like to make a charitable donation to Allied Churches in Burlington, NC. Buckner regularly gives back to their community and is a model to calibrate your own standards. 

Atema thanks Buckner Companies and their staff for the hospitality, patience and knowledge given to our group in October. 

JHDS LLC - Structural Steel Fabricators Passes QMC Initial Audit   9/16

Our client JHDS had their very first QMC audit for the AISC Building Certification Program. We are pleased to announce they passed their audit with no Corrective Action Requests.

For almost 10 years, JHDS has been quickly growing its reputation as the go-to structural steel fabricator in the tri-state area. JHDS currently serves New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, but can perform work outside these areas upon request. 

“We never fail to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations for quality, price, and punctuality. We complete all jobs in accordance with your specifications and all required codes. We have consistently surpassed our clients’ expectations for price, quality, and delivery.” (www.jhdsllc.com)

Jorge Jr. at JHDS says, "Wanted to take the time to thank all of you at Atema for being so prompt and for all your help. From the looks of things, we have received 0 CARS during the audit!”

by Dan Hoffman

How to choose a Consultant (Or the case for deep consultants)   8/30

If you are thinking of hiring a consultant, here are some things to consider.

First, consider whether you need a consultant at all. It is entirely possible that you do not need a consultant. Consider all of your resources and whether the manpower and time needed to achieve your goals are within your means.

If you do decide you need a consultant, research a few of them, and start at their websites. Does the consultant have a website that has more than just a phone number? Some companies have a website with phone and email, but no physical address. This isn't definitively a bad thing, but it also does nothing to show the depth that an office location and staff roster can. 

"One-man-bands" have flooded the consultant industry in recent years. There is nothing inherently wrong with an expert in a particular field putting his knowledge to work, mind you. Working out of one's home office can keep costs low and pricing more agreeable to fabricators.  However, when considering the metal fabrication industry, there is demand for expertise that a larger staff is better equipped to accommodate. 

Larger companies in particular might need CWIs who know how to create and review WPSs and determine if they are applicable to AWS welding codes like D1.1 or D1.5. Or they might need engineers who know how to establish a fracture critical program and answer questions on how their company might do bridgework. The demand for the creation of a quality system and that system's subsequent consultation audit may pose a problem. How can a "One-man-band" write a manual and then perform an internal audit on the manual's implementation? There are no checks and balances! A deeper company can offer someone to write a manual and implement the system, and then can offer a different person (a new set of eyes) to audit. The auditor might see things the author did not.

A consulting company in structural steel with depth would have the staff and resources to accommodate these needs.

Lastly, you should consider what "stripes" the consultant boasts. Does the consultant have a degree from a mining a school? Or do they have accolades of the industry? Does the consultant have only a 10-20 year-old graduate degree? Or do they have industry certifications with professional development, continuing education, and recertification requirements? For steel fabrication consulting, Certified Weld Inspectors, Certified Weld Engineers, and Certified Manufacturing Engineers (to name a few) all require the regeneration of knowledge in the industry to get recertified. Depth in consulting should include stripes like this, and should be more than one person.

So when choosing a consultant, it's less about how deep you want to go, but more about how deep want the consultant to go.

by Terry Logan

McGregor Industries Passes QMC Annual Audit   8/26

Our client McGregor Industries had their QMC annual audit for the AISC Erector Certification Program. We are pleased to announce they passed their audit with no Corrective Action Requests.

McGregor Industries "fabricates and installs the miscellaneous metal components for buildings, artistic projects, and anything requiring the cutting, bending, welding, and finishing of metal. Miscellaneous metal work generally includes stairways, railings, and other miscellaneous metal work not associated to the structural steel component of a building. McGregor’s ability to fabricate and install miscellaneous metal to tight tolerances sets it apart from our competition.

Most recently, McGregor has begun to set itself apart in the fabrication and installation of." (www.mcgregorindustries.com)

Grace at McGregor writes, "Thank you so much for all of your help, Anna!" Way to go, Anna! AndCongratulations to McGregor Industries.

by Paul Proczko