Quality the Atema way. Regardless of the Industry.

Steel Construction

Atema delivers practical concepts to help with your quality system, training, or executive management assistance needs. Services range from building quality manuals, training your inspection personnel on code criteria, and evaluating your contract documents for special project needs.

Our goal is to help you achieve compliance with certification or contract requirements, while making minimal changes to your current business method. During our assistance we suggest best practices we have observed in hundreds of structural steel organizations worldwide. Hearing multiple approaches can help you make the best choice to improve your current business processes as you prepare for your projects.


Atema helps with:

  • Welding Processes: SAW, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW
  • Qualification of Welders: New Projects and Special Positions.
  • Inspection Programs: Creation and Modification.
  • Unique Contract Requirements: Seismic, D1.5 & Fracture Critical.

We provide customized training and on-site guidance for performing procedure qualifications tests. We can also assess your current welding program and welding documentation to solve profit leaks.

Atema's staff holds American Welding Society credentials as Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) and Educators (CWEs) and comes with a wealth of experience in the welding industry. Atema has managed international and domestic quality control inspection programs for structural steel and bridge welding projects. Contact us to discover how our welding experts can help your company.

If you require WPS creation assistance or Welder Certification for AISC certification, Atema can help with D1.1 and D1.5 WPSs for application submission. Click here to view more information on AISC Certification


Simple solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies with various Quality Management System needs.

There are several ways Atema can assist you with your QMS:

  • Help in submitting the necessary documentation to register your devices for a CE mark.
  • We can consult to ISO 13485.
  • Supplier Assessments in the areas of packaging, containers, and device and pharmaceutical in-package leaflets.

Atema offers assessment services and executive management assistance (EMA) for telecommunication companies. Our assessments can be for TL 9000 and Telecordia. We can also help your company register to TL 9000 and establish a quality management system for registration.‚Äč

For companies who need to manage suppliers, we can provide:

  • Assessment of suppliers of packaging, containers, and in-package leaflets for devices.
  • Assessment of suppliers of fiber optics, CAT 5 cabling, component manufacturing, main steel housing for component cabinetry.
  • Assist in managing contract manufacturing for primary components with branding.

Run your Non-Profit with the power of the Private Sector.

Long-term trends and recent events have forced the public sector to adopt lessons from private enterprises. Atema’s success in the private sector has allowed us to apply aspects of quality philosophies to the public sector.

We can help you navigate today’s pitfalls of demanding customers, talent hiring struggles and a shift in the focus of economic activity. By combining unparalleled experience across industries, Atema will be able to assist you with balancing increased global demand for non-profit services with decreased resources.

Atema assists non-profits to develop:

  • Overall strategy
  • Performance improvement
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Interpret customer feedback